iOS14 uses approximate location tracking instead of user’s precise location will impact on location-based marketing.

What is the iOS14 update? 

Apple’s newest operating system update, iOS14, has been coined their “biggest update” to date. iOS14 updates include a home screen redesign, Siri enhancements, interface streamlining, and the most talked-about change for marketers: major limitations to tracking. (Source)

What tracking limitations are being rolled out ?

  1. Approximate location will be shared with apps instead of a user’s precise location: Most apps are set by default to track a user’s whereabouts. This feature allows marketing companies to send content based on where you have been and determine if you went into a specific location. This level of granularity will be reduced to “location approximations,” thus reducing the accuracy of location tracking as a means to pinpoint users.
  1. Camera & voice recording indicator: Ever have a conversation about something and then immediately see an ad for that item? It’s no coincidence. This controversial marketing technique was previously difficult to identify. Now, anytime your iPhone’s camera or sound is being recorded, you will see a yellow dot on your phone. 
  1. “Do you want to be tracked?” push notifications: We’ve all seen these on our phone—and most of us had no idea that an app was even tracking our location. Apple will be sending these push notifications more frequently to alert you when an app is tracking your location, and allow you to easily adjust the setting with a single click. (Source)

How do these changes affect my marketing? 

Most companies that can tie ads served to actual user walk-ins will have now their capabilities limited. Any company relying on GPS for user location will be forced to use approximations instead. 

If this update impacts all location tracking, how is Zenreach impacted? 

Great news—Zenreach is not impacted. Our data collection is enabled using WiFi connectivity to determine location rather than GPS. This means that customer tracking with Zenreach is not affected at all by this update. 


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