Zenreach, the nation’s premier source of consumer foot traffic data to brick-and-mortar businesses, has made their first-party data publicly available for the first time on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace and Snowflake’s Data Marketplace. 

The data contains daily breakdowns of consumer foot traffic across various geographic locations and places of interest throughout the US, allowing users to better understand offline consumer visit behavior. This includes criteria such as visit frequency, business type, average dwell time, demographics, among others. 

“We are thrilled to be able to support businesses and marketers with our data because there’s nothing else out there quite like it,” said John Kelly, CEO of Zenreach. “Where other sources offer approximations, the precision of what we have to offer is unparalleled.” 

Zenreach’s first-party data set of 50M+ consumers is amassed completely via individual opt-ins, and therefore meets the highest online privacy standards.  

In addition to being available through third-party platforms, Zenreach has also added a custom audience product offering, giving marketers the ability to leverage high-quality customer location data in their campaigns. 

“Understanding consumer trends and patterns is always important, but even more so while we’re in the recovery phase of the pandemic,” said Kelly. “We will continue to mine our consumer data for relevant insights that can be shared with our partners moving forward.”

Over the past year, Zenreach has been sharing their customer foot traffic data through PR efforts, leading to thousands of features in leading publications. Ultimately, this interest also led to the recent launch of the National Customer Foot Traffic Report, which tracks customer traffic to physical businesses as a means to monitor pandemic recovery. According to the latest figures, nationwide consumer foot traffic to physical businesses has increased by more than 50% since January.


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