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Zenreach for Entertainment & Recreation

Knowing what brought your customers in is the key to bringing them back. Connecting visits to dayparts, special events or activities lets you segment and target audiences by interest.

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Increase visit frequency

Fun doesn't have to be a special occasion. Turn your visitors into regulars by building direct relationships with an understanding of customer interests. Targeting visitor groups with offers that line up with their interests keeps you top of mind and increases visit frequency.

Target your best prospects

Behavior is often the best way to recognize and target likely customers. Building seed audiences based on your best customers can dramatically improve your advertising performance. Zenreach lets you passively track visit behavior so that you can build audiences based on real world signals.

Bring back lost customers

There's massive untapped potential in your existing customer base. The challenge is knowing when customers visit, and targeting them with the right follow-on offer. Visit-based targeting lets you precisely target cohorts based on days since last visit, adjust offers and measure results.

Real world insights

When you combine visit behavior with customer data from point-of-sale and other on-premise systems, you fill a critical gap in understanding that let's you understand and target customers based on real world insights rather than just demographics.

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