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Zenreach for Food & Beverage

Good experiences bring your customers back. But first you have to bring them in. Understanding visit behavior is the key to delivering compelling messages and offers to targeted audiences. Rather than blanketing your service area with promotions and discounts, you drive profitable business by precisely addressing behavior-based customer segments.

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Reach people in the neighborhood

When it comes to eating and drinking, people like local. People nearby are much more likely to actually walk in. Zenreach can connect you with potential customers who are walking past your door so you can give them a reason to come in.

Bring in new customers

Use visit behavior to create seed audiences based on your best customers. The result is targeting that outperforms. Closing the loop by measuring new customer Walk-Throughs that are directly attributable to your advertising means you optimize for bottom line results.

Win back lapsed customers

The single biggest opportunity for lots of cafes and restaurants is bringing back customers who have stopped visiting. The challenge is knowing who hasn't come back, and targeting them with the right offer. Visit-based targeting lets you precisely target cohorts based on days since last visit, adjust offers and measure results.

Create loyal customers

Visit behavior lets you identify your most valuable customers and target them directly through email or digital advertising with loyalty offers. Integrated point-of-sale data adds even more dimension to your understanding of customer value.

Location-based insights

Visit behavior, preferences and demographics from store-level data give you unprecedented insight into what drives business for each of your locations. Use enhanced understanding to optimize marketing store by store.

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