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Zenreach for Retail

90% of retail transactions still occur in stores. Drive visits to real-world locations with Walk-Through Marketing solutions that use passive visit detection to improve the precision and performance of your marketing spend. By connecting the in-store result with your online marketing, you're able to optimize for bottom line results and build programs that outperform.

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Retarget active shoppers

Stay top of mind with shoppers while the consideration window is open. Zenreach passively recognizes the visitors to your store, allowing you to precisely retarget them with digital campaigns that bring them back for purchase.

Connect with walk-bys

Zenreach visit detection allows you to recognize potential customers who are literally walking right past your store. Combine location behavior with profile characteristics to reach the people already nearby who are most likely to walk in and buy.

Attract new customers

Improve digital ad performance with lookalike audiences based on the customers who actually walk into your stores. Adjusting audiences to reflect local differences store by store can dramatically improve return on ad spend.

Powerful customer understanding

Knowing when customers visit, how long they stay and what brought them in adds new dimension to your insights. Combined with integrated sources of data from point-of-sale, loyalty and other on-premise systems gives you a more complete picture of your customers than ever before.

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