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Bring in more new customers

Zenreach Attract improves ad performance by targeting audiences based on your best customers. You know it works because you measure in-store results with our proprietary Walk-Through Rate™.

Zenreach Attract helps you acquire new customers


Use customer visit behavior captured by WiFi to build smarter audiences.


Activate media to target audiences that look like your best customers across the internet.


Measure the in-store success of your campaigns and optimize for visits, not clicks.

Zenreach Attract features

Customer detection

Our nationwide network of access points means we can recognize 1 in 7 of the customers visiting your business. We use those customer profiles to build smarter audiences based on your best customers, not online approximations.

People-centric targeting

Your campaigns should target actual customers. Zenreach's real-world data helps you target people based on their behavior and location.

Full service

Online ad campaigns are hard to set up and manage. With Zenreach, your campaign manager handles the design, audience creation and launch of your ad campaigns from start to finish.

Walk-Through Rate™

You measure the results of your marketing with our Walk-Through Rate™ — the number of people who actually visit your business after seeing your message. Watch ROI walk right through your door.


Understand who your customers are, even where else they’ve been. By understanding Walk-Throughs, Zenreach provides you details on cost and revenue per Walk-Through, return on ad spend and customer lifetime value.

Audience optimization

Optimize for the outcome that matters — in-store results. To optimize your advertising, Zenreach is able to consider performance by segment, dayparts, even variable geo-fencing.

Zenreach Attract delivers

The first product to let retailers who operate real-world locations connect their online advertising with measurable in-store results.

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