I’d like to kick off this edition of A to Zen with a quick case study of our client Gelson’s, a regional upscale grocery store chain based in Southern California:  

The challenge

Likely due to its presence in predominantly affluent neighborhoods, the Gelson’s customer base has historically tended to skew older. Prior to engaging with Zenreach, the brand had used digital campaigns in an attempt to drive a younger clientele into their locations, but the results were inconclusive as Gelson’s was unable to quantify the in-store results.

The solution

Gelson’s implemented the Zenreach Walk-Through™ marketing solution across all of its 27 locations with the hope of gaining an understanding of what campaigns, tactics, and creative were influencing a younger demographic to come into their stores. 

The results 

Within 90 days of implementing the Zenreach solution, 53.6% of all campaign-influenced Walk-Throughs (that is, people who came into a Gelson’s location in response to seeing an ad served by the Zenreach platform) were between the ages of 18 and 34 years old. 

By leveraging more deterministic in-store data, the supermarket chain was able to recognize an incredible 17:1 ROI on its social campaigns—and most importantly, made huge increases in the targeted youthful consumer demographic.

If interested in learning more about any of the technology or tactics discussed above, please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 807-WiFi (9434) or email at hello@zenreach.com.


“Zenreach has enhanced our ability to collect actionable, in-store customer data to improve the ways we communicate with both new and repeat Gelson’s shoppers. As a byproduct, we now have a greater understanding of the true impact that our digital efforts are having on store revenue. We look forward to continuing our work with Zenreach in attracting a mobile-first audience to broaden our reach.” 

-Yvonne Manganaro, Vice President, Marketing


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