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Zenreach differences

Real people, not digital proxies

If you run a business with physical locations, you want to target people who actually walk in, not people who just ‘click’ and ‘like’ your content. Zenreach people-centric targeting is based on real customers who visit your business rather than digital approximations.

Directly measure in-store impact

Digital marketing may be the best way to reach new customers. But the only way to determine if it worked is to measure in-store results. Zenreach is the only solution that can tell you if a customer saw your ad before walking in, at any scale, in any location.

Optimize for bottom-line results

Online success criteria such as ‘clicks’ or ‘likes’ can be very misleading when your goal is store visits. Optimizing for Walk-Throughs rather than click-throughs improves campaign performance by more than 4x on average. And with Zenreach you can measure performance across campaigns and platforms.

Maximize lifetime value

Advertising is expensive. You want to make sure new customers become loyal customers. Zenreach is the only platform built to maximize the lifetime impact of your marketing budget. One platform to bring them in and bring them back.

“Zenreach has given us a way to reach customers we may not have otherwise been able to, and connect our digital campaigns with measurable in-store results.”

Lisa Regelman, Director of Digital Engagement and Loyalty, Peet’s Coffee Peet's Coffee

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