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About Zenreach

Much of our time is spent online, but over 90% of purchases still happen offline. The problem is real-world businesses have no way to connect their online marketing investments with in-store results.

Without a way to measure results, brick-and-mortar merchants are operating decades behind their online counterparts. We created Zenreach to level the playing field.

Online merchants use a digital ‘cookie’ to close the loop from impression to purchase with key metrics like the click-through rate. Zenreach gives merchants with physical locations the same transparency, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their online marketing with the Walk-Through Rate. By understanding the bottom-line impact of their marketing, they can make smarter decisions and run more successful businesses.


John Kelly


“My father was an entrepreneur and small business owner who was great at selling, but terrible at getting potential customers in the door. When I see our Walk-Throughs, I think of the thousands of business owners like him that we are helping.”


Sarah McDonald


“My passion is, and has always been, helping small business owners. I joined Zenreach because I loved the idea of turbocharging their ability to retain loyal customers and attract new ones. It is an awesome mission.”


Kai Umezawa

Head of Product

“Brick-and-mortar businesses are the backbone of the economy. They represent our daily experiences and, for a special few, our most cherished memories. Seeing our customers grow and succeed makes it all worth it.”


Robert Cornell

Vice President of Sales

“I believe Zenreach has developed the industry leading product for advertisers to drive both new and loyal customers alike to their businesses. It’s inspiring to see this talented team develop something that will make a difference for our customers.”


Jonas Hedberg

VP of Finance

“We are delivering powerful online targeting and analytical capabilities to our merchants' offline businesses and delivering an entirely new world of insights into their customers' behavior with our Walk-Through-Rate.”


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